Individual or group session


We conduct communication skills coaching sessions and programs for individuals and groups of people from the same company.

Prepare for an event or build skills

We can focus on helping you prepare for a specific upcoming meeting or presentation — or we can focus on building your skills for the full range of situations you face in your job — from public speaking engagements in front of large groups, to meetings with smaller groups, to the unanticipated discussions you have every day. 


All programs include

Key skills

Speak with clarity, confidence, and empathy

Engage listeners with compelling messages that address their needs and concerns

Answer questions and manage discussion in a positive way

Work with your own real meetings

You work with your own real upcoming presentations, meetings and discussions, so you develop skills that you can use immediately — no case studies or abstract theory.

Personal attention

Larger groups are divided into practice groups of three or four people — led by an experienced coach — so each person gets enough time and feedback to experiment and make visible improvements to their skills.

One-to-one coaching

Whether you attend an individual or group program, you will have multiple one-to-one coaching sessions with video review — to understand which skills to prioritize and how to improve each one in a way that is authentic to your personality.


Which skills do you want to build?

We have a set of proven program designs, but we also customize these frequently for clients. Most programs start with a two or three-day session, and many include a follow-up session to reinforce the skills.

Based on a conversation about your goals, we design a program that includes some of the following sessions:

Set goals – in a framework of intellectual, emotional, and physical communication skills
Increase presence
Preparation – create compelling messages that generate action
Visual aids – when and how to use them
Engaging presentations
Executive summaries – rise above the details and tell a memorable story
Answer questions and respond to challenges
Lead meetings
Listen actively
Advanced preparation – create persuasive storylines and visual outlines
Motivate people to think and act differently — challenge the status quo constructively
Change communication – introduce it and then bring people along the journey to enact it
Handle skepticism, controversy, and resistance
Communicate remotely
Collaborative meetings — facilitate a team discussion to generate a solution to a problem
Personalize pitches – to markets and individual customers or investors
Write emails, reports, and decks
Communicate on short-notice and spontaneously

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