If you could really engage people,
convince them to think differently,
and motivate them to act,
what could you accomplish?

We can help you build leadership communication skills

Listen Influence Lead Gain commitment Build productive relationships

Move ideas to → Action


Whether you are:

Preparing for a high-stakes event — such as a conference, IPO, investor day, or roadshow

Leading a small team or a large organization

Pitching your firm’s products, services, or investments

Challenging the status quo or transforming a business

your ability to engage and influence people is the key to moving ideas to action.

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Speak with → Presence


We can help you engage and influence by strengthening your ability to:

Create compelling messages and well structured storylines

Project credibility, confidence and empathy

Handle difficult interactions constructively

Listen actively

Build productive relationships

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Achieve → Results


Whether you are an experienced CEO or a junior team member, we can help you excel in:

Large presentations and town halls

Meetings and teleconferences

Difficult conversations, performance reviews, and negotiations


Get personalized → Advice


We make concrete recommendations that are tailored to your personality and corporate culture. This advice is grounded in techniques that have proven successful with:

Clients in varied industries — including Google, Allianz, Davis Polk, Lufthansa, DHL, Luxottica, and Starbucks

Different job roles — such as strategy, technology, legal, financial, marketing, and operations

Diverse cultures — we have conducted programs in 30 countries around the world since the 1970s

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