Communication Skills Self Evaluation

This form will help you think about your strengths and areas needing work, so you can decide what you would like to improve. It is completely optional.

We do not save your answers, so you need to complete it at one time. It is also completely optional to email us your answers — many people complete the form to decide their goals and do not submit it. If you are going to submit it, be sure to pdf or print it for yourself before hitting the submit button!

Situations and skills

Start by thinking about the range of communication situations you face now and anticipate facing in the future. Think broadly — from public speaking, to meetings, presentations, conference calls, and difficult discussions.

Which ones are easy and which ones are difficult for you?

If you get anxious, is it caused by the size of the group, your familiarity with the people or the material, or is it something else?

Which situations are most important to you, or critical to your job?

After thinking through the situations, evaluate what you do well and what you find difficult about the skills listed below — some are about your preparation and some are about your experience "in the moment."

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