Motivating for Action

Leadership communications that inspire, engage and build trust

A Purple Academy Program

for the EXCO and NGL of

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An intensive and highly personalized program

  • In small working groups you will prepare and practice delivering material from the strategic plan. You will develop content and skills you can use immediately.

  • We focus on action and learning by doing. Our coaches are skilled at respecting each person’s style and strengths, while challenging you to move beyond your current capabilities. We will help you identify the skills you need to develop and, most importantly, concrete steps you can take to generate visible changes.

  • You will have two one-to-one coaching sessions to reinforce and extend the feedback you receive during the group practice sessions.

Overview of the Sessions


Discuss the challenging communication situations you face — especially in generating engagement and commitment to the strategic plan — and link the agenda to those situations.


Set goals

You set personal goals within our intellectual, emotional, and physical communication skills framework. We create a benchmark video of you. Together, we begin the process of giving and receiving feedback.


Increase presence

You practice telling a brief story — expanding your use of eye contact, voice and body language — to increase your presence, confidence and impact. We make a second video of you.


First one-to-one coaching

You review the video from your first two sessions privately with a coach.


Preparation tools & influencing skills

We introduce straightforward tools to help you prepare efficiently. You use these tools to outline a communication of the strategic plan, so you can:

  • Give a sense of purpose and voice a clear vision

  • Address your listeners’ needs and create clearer, more persuasive and compelling messages

  • Motivate people to act


Visual aids

Discuss how visuals support messages, where they get in the way, and how to use them well.


Engaging presentations

You present a ten-minute version of the material you prepared earlier in the day. You practice and receive feedback on your ability to inspire, engage and build trust. We make a third video of you.


Second one-to-one coaching

You review the video of your presentation privately with a coach.


Action planning

You identify specific skills to practice in upcoming meetings and target the results you expect to achieve.



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