Developing Persuasive Communications — Part Two
for BT Americas


Part Two is two-and-a-half days, divided into five half-day blocks. As with Part One, if your program starts Monday morning, it will end by lunchtime on Wednesday.  If your program starts on Wednesday afternoon, it will conclude at the end of the day on Friday.

First half-day


Discuss your experiences since Part One, current challenges, and Part Two goals.


Refresh tools for planning and organizing

We review the tools we gave you to plan and organize a communication — starting with focusing on your objectives and the listeners' needs, and then creating a set or synthesis.


Frame challenging conversations

You prepare and practice what you would say in the first two to three minutes of a challenging conversation with a partner within Finance or the business.


Second half-day

Conduct a meeting

We give you ideas for preparing and conducting productive meetings and discuss best practices in a variety of meeting situations. You role-play the meeting you prepared earlier. We make your first video.


One-to-one coaching

You review the video of your meeting privately with a coach.


Third half-day

Visual outlines

We introduce the visual outline as a preparation tool that is particularly useful for complex material and skeptical listeners. You prepare a visual outline of your second communication. Colleagues and a coach will give you feedback on your work.


Fourth half-day

Conference calls

We discuss best practices for conference calls. You practice a call or meeting based on the visual outline. We make your second video.


One-to-one coaching

You review the video of your conference call or meeting privately with a coach.


Fifth half-day

Communicating on short notice

With little or no preparation time, you create executive summaries and respond to questions on two or three different subjects. This exercise reinforces how all the skills developed can be applied to daily interactions.


Commit to a plan

You identify a few meetings over the next couple of weeks and plan the skills you will apply in each one to increase your chances of success.



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