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Why is this workshop important for you?

You face an increasing variety of challenging communication situations. You need to communicate as a problem solver, as an advisor to your clients and as a thought leader. You have to adapt the way you communicate your message to different listeners so that you can move ideas to action.

What results should you expect?

The workshop will help you understand how you are perceived by others and what you can do to build your skills. You will get a framework for preparing and delivering a convincing message that meets both your listeners' needs and your own objectives. You will increase your ability to project confidence, naturalness and credibility — whether you are standing up with PowerPoint, around the table with a lap pack, or handling tough questions.

How do you get the most out of it?

Throughout the workshop you will experiment with different approaches to communicating your own McKinsey material. You will work in small groups and receive extensive constructive feedback from coaches and your colleagues.  Those participants who are willing to step out of their comfort zone to try things differently, and those who bring in real situations that are meaningful to them (rather than hypothetical or "safe" material) learn the most.

How are the sessions organized?

This workshop is 1.5 days, divided into three half-days (4.5 hours each). If your workshop starts in the morning, you will do the first and second half-days one day and the third one the next day. If your workshop starts in the afternoon, you will do the first half-day one day and the second and third ones the next day.

First half-day – laying the foundations


Discuss the challenging communication situations you face and link the agenda to them.


Set goals

You set personal goals within our intellectual, emotional, and physical communication skills framework. We create a benchmark video of you. Together, we begin the process of giving and receiving feedback.


Increase presence

You practice telling a brief story — expanding your use of eye contact, voice and body language — to increase your presence, confidence and impact. We make a second video of you.


One-to-one coaching

You review the video from your first two sessions privately with a coach.


Listener-focused preparation

You use our preparation tools to work on the first meeting or presentation you plan to practice.  You analyze your listeners and then create an outline with a compelling opening, clear messages and an action-oriented close.


Second half-day — presenting with visuals

Visual aids

Discuss how visuals support messages, where they get in the way, and how to use them well.


Engaging presentations

You present a ten-minute version of the material you prepared earlier in the day. You practice and receive feedback on your ability to be persuasive and engaging. We make a third video of you.


One-to-one coaching

You review the video of your presentation privately with a coach.


Third half-day — interactive situations


Discuss techniques to answer questions and respond to challenges in a confident and constructive way.


Interactive situation

You role-play an interactive situation — either handling questions or leading an upcoming meeting. You can choose to sit or stand, and whether to use visual aids. We make a fourth video of you.


One-to-one coaching

You review the video of your interactive situation privately with a coach.


Commit to a plan

You identify a few meetings over the next couple of weeks and plan the skills you will apply in each one to increase your chances of success.



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