Communicating to Build Productive Relationships

Part Two

Day One

Reinforce the skills from Part One, listen actively, and structure persuasive storylines


Discuss your experiences since Part One, current challenges and Part Two goals.


Active listening

You practice listening effectively, drawing out information, and helping a colleague to solve a problem.


Advanced preparation

We reinforce the preparation tools provided in Part One and introduce additional ones to help you structure your ideas. You apply these tools to the material you brought to practice.


Conduct a meeting

You role-play the meeting you prepared earlier in order to increase listener engagement and reinforce delivery skills. We make your first video.


One-to-one coaching

You review the video of your meeting privately with a coach.


Day Two

Handle a challenging meeting and then a tailored role-play

Manage a difficult meeting

You bring together all the tools provided and decide which ones to apply to the role-play of a second situation — a challenging meeting or discussion. We make your second video.


One-to-one coaching

You review the video of your difficult meeting privately with a coach.


Tailored role-play

Working with a coach, you decide which skills to target and the best way to challenge those skills. Then you practice the skills you have chosen in a role-play.


Commit to a plan

You identify a few meetings over the next couple of weeks and plan the skills you will apply in each one to increase your chances of success.



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